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We offer specialized memberships for current COLLEGIATE ROWERS during the summer months.

To qualify for a seasonal membership, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. ​A current collegiate team rower and over age 18.

  2. $40 student membership fee (due each 12 month period)

  3. $80/month unlimited rowing subscription (no pro-ration) for the months you intend to row with us.

  4. Must purchase a US Rowing basic membership ($25, if you don't already have one) and complete required SafeSport “Volunteer” training (90 minute e-learning).

  5. You will be responsible to pay a $15 cancellation fee for any sessions canceled within 12 hours or less of class time, regardless of reason.

  6. At coach's discretion, you will be placed in an intermediate or experienced boat during practice time. Resident members retain first-priority boat seating.

  7. Optional:  to join ERG class on Monday 630pm-830pm. No additional cost. 

  8. Optional: to join Land Strength & conditioning training Wed 630pm -830pm. $15 drop-in fee

Seasonal members are not permitted to take our 1x or 2x without prior sufficient experience & if allowed, it must be within a current coaching session. Seasonal members cannot take boats out without a coach. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do at TAC, please complete this registration link


MWF 645a - 830a: Sculling

Mon 630p-830p: Erg Class

Tues 630p-830p: Novice Sweep

Wed 630p-830p: Land strength & conditioning training (open to the public and rowers) $15/drop-in fee

Thurs 630p-830p: Intermediate Sweep

Sat 7a-9a: Experienced Sweep & Intermediate Sweep

Sat 9a-11a: Novice Sweep

Sun 7a-9a: Experienced Sweep & Intermediate Sweep

Sun 9a-11a: Novice Sweep

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